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Short Pieces

As explained on the Home page, I have started to write some short pieces on a variety of topics that take my fancy, some of which may be developed into full articles. This page is simply an index of them, in no particular order.

Accelerator Keys, as they were called prior to Word 2007, were keyboard shortcuts to Menu items. The Menus have gone but the accelerators remain, now called Word 2003 Access Keys. Although you do need to know the keys to use them as there is no on-screen indication as to what they do, you can customise them. Find out how, here.

Determining whether a dynamic array has been allocated seems to be a perennial problem. Rather than taking a stab in the dark and trapping any error that occurs, this page describes a simple condition that can be tested.

The whole way in which Word 2007 documents can be encrypted has changed. Along with the change comes a potential degradation in encryption of legacy format documents. You may suddenly find out, perhaps only when its too late, that your stronger security has been quietly, and considerably, weakened.

Although what you can do is limited, it is possible to access some parts of the Ribbon directly from VBA, without using XML, to, for example, change the current tab. A technique, using ‘Accessibility’ features, is briefly described on this page, and a downloadable demonstration template provided.

Word 2007 has a new zipped xml-based format for documents. What effect does this have on resilience and possible recovery from corruption? Read my, perhaps surprising, conclusions here.