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An Example

An Example

Example of the effect on Headers of deleting Section Breaks

Simply to avoid cluttering up the main piece, this example is presented on its own page.

Consider the following Document:

A Word Document

Note that, although I have chosen to depict this in Word 2007, as far as I know, the issue is the same in all versions of Word.

Although I have manipulated the display a little for clarity, the complete document is shown above. You can see that the First Page Header in Section 2 is set to be different from that in Section 1, whilst the other two Section 2 Headers are the same as the Section 1 equivalents. The Document has no Footers.

If you delete the Section Break in this document, pages 4 (section 1, page 3) and 5 (section 2 page 1) will become one, and the two sections will be merged into one. The identifying text on pages 3, 4, and 5 is now incorrect, but the thing to notice (see below) is that the only page to have a Header is Section 1, Page 1, and even that is the wrong one!

The Word Document after deleting the Section Break

If you now re-insert the section break where it was you will see, not that it matters, that the informative text on the pages is once again correct. You will also get confirmation, should you have needed it, that the only header remaining in the document is the First page Header, now firmly rooted in Section 1; the others really have flown the nest.

The Word Document after re-inserting the Section Break

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