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Major Articles

The idea for this site is to have some in-depth articles on subjects that take my fancy. Putting together articles takes time and putting them into web page format takes even more time, so they will be slow in appearing. This page is simply intended to be an index of the articles, of which there are but few. I don’t suppose any of them will ever be completely finished, but feel free to browse from this short list.

It’s all change with colours in Office 2007. A brand new Office Themes feature supplies a new way of colouring, well, anything. How does it work? How does it affect existing documents and solutions? Find out probably more than you wanted to know (particularly with regard to working with colours in VBA), right here.

Some ramblings on what your Normal Template may be called and where it might be found, and what Word does with it and whether it can be shared with Outlook, and things of that nature. Only, really, for those of us determined to make Word our own.

Word Documents used to be held in an obscure proprietary format, and making sense of it was not for normal mortals. With the help of documents released under Microsoft’s “Open Specifications Promise” full details can now be revealed